Custom UTV Builders: Rock Racing Package

The Rock Racing Package was designed for the off-road race racer desiring to compete in the UTV class of the Ultra4 or Dirt Riot series.  The UTV build package is race ready and will pass technical inspection for the specific race sanctioning body.  The package consists of the following components designed for safety and performance:

Sand Dune Package

The Sand Dune Package is a purpose-built machine focused around two primary design features – massive wheel travel and power.  In order to transform your UTV into a dune-ripping beast, we have partnered with HCR Racing and Packard Performance to give your machine the ability to climb the tallest dunes and jump or rip through whoops with ease.

Hard Core Trail Package

This package is designed for the UTV enthusiast who wants to tackle the most difficult trails.  The package is focused around larger tires, better suspension, the toughest axles on the planet, and armor.  The suspension was developed by KOH and Rock Crawling legend Shannon Campbell. He has won the KOH UTV class with this suspension so it is proven in competition.


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