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We can get all kinds of parts to help you outfit your UTV. Got a question or don’t see what you need? Contact us and we’ll help you out.

Cagewrx designs UTV cages from their experience with UTV racing. We are proud to have Cagewrx as our partner for UTV cages. They provide the ultimate in safety and appearance with a high quality manufacturing process that uses CNC laser cutting machines and tube benders for the highest precision. Cagewrx offers a wide variety of cages, roofs, and bumpers for your UTV.

Radios are highly useful tools in the off-road world. Getting lost or separated from your group can be a scary situation that you can easily avoid with modern communication technology. 

For the past 50 years, CB radios handled off-road communications. These radios were great in their day, but like many other industries, the communications industry has greatly evolved.  Now available on the market are commercial band VHF/UHF radios that offer major improvements over the old CB radio.

Commercial Band vs. CB

Just as a quick comparison, here are some benefits of commercial band radios over CB radios:

  1. Much more power for a larger range – CBs are limited by the FCC to 4 W of power. Commercial band radios are offered from 5 W up to 50 W, which translates to a huge increase in effective range of the radio over CBs.  A CB radio can transmit about 3 miles and a commercial band radio can transmit up to 35 miles. 
  2. Privacy – CBs are an open communications technology so anyone can dial into your channel and listen to your conversation. Commercial band radios are private, which means that you can avoid interruptions from the trucker driving down the highway.
  3. East of Use – For optimal performance, a CB radio needs to be tuned with the antenna. Tweaking the radio may also be required with the squelch function to improve the performance. A commercial band radio is simple to use. Just turn it on and talk. 

We offer commercial band radios from Rugged Radios. They offer a wide range of two-way communication solutions from standard 4-watt CBs to far more powerful 25-watt and 50-watt VHF radios, all with headsets to allow communication with passengers as well as other vehicles. They also offer Bluetooth for music and cell phone streaming.    Rugged Radios can cover a lot of ground.

The stock axles for UTVs are not up to the rigors of aggressive off-road driving especially when combined with severe turning angles and large wheel travel. Our solution is to provide the toughest axles we could find from RCV Performance and Summer Brothers racing.  Both companies provide forged axles with 300M materials for the ultimate strength, and RCV Performance provides a limited lifetime warranty on their axles.  RCV Performance also offers upgraded prop shafts in 300M or carbon fiber construction for the best in performance and durability.

ProArmor doors are practically the industry standard. They are made from aluminum tubing and sheet for high strength and low weight. Similar to a cage, a good set of ProArmor doors is a critically important safety feature, and they look great, too.

Trinity Racing is our brand of choice for aggressively driven, high horsepower UTVs.  Exhaust systems, tuners, and clutch mods are very common upgrades for UTVs for good reason: They complement each other.  An aftermarket tuner allows the engine to produce the most power that it is capable of (safely, of course).  A high flowing exhaust system allows the tuner to extract more power from the engine, as engines are essentially air pumps.  Lower flow restrictions equate to more power.  Finally, if you are torturing your stock clutch with increased power, you will no doubt experience shortened belt life and slippage.  This is especially true when adding larger wheels and tires to the mix. Trinity Racing offers all three components that have been engineered to work together to provide the best possible performance without decreasing reliability.

Whips are required for safety in many OHV riding areas, especially dune riding, to give early indication of an approaching UTV at the top of a dune crest. They can also look cool with LED lighting that can be controlled by an app on your smart phone.

We choose Rigid Industries LED lighting for our projects. They offer the highest quality LED lighting systems backed by a lifetime warranty.  They offer light bars and pods in a wide variety of beam patterns.

PRP is well known for their high performance suspension seats and harnesses. If you are planning on driving your UTV aggressively, you will want a good quality suspension seat and harness system for protection and comfort. These are required safety gear for many racing organizations.

SSV Works is our brand of choice for UTV sound systems.  They offer complete sound systems that have been engineered to fit each make, model and year of UTV so there are no surprises during installation and operation. The folks at SSV Works have thought of everything.  They are also fully compatible with many of the OEM head units like the Polaris Ride Command system.

We offer only the highest performance UTV suspensions systems from RuffStuff, Off Road Beast and HCR Racing. We can help you select the best system for your driving style and terrain. From high-speed jumps at the dunes to technical rock crawling, we have the products and experience in tuning to make your rig perform. 

We also offer a wide variety of shocks, bump stops and coil springs from King, Fox Racing, and Sway-A-Way(AEV).

One of the coolest upgrades to any performance vehicle is to add boost. Unbelievable levels of power (and therefore, unbelievable levels of fun) can be added to your UTV with a Turbo Kit.  Our choice in this category is Packard Performance. Their turbo kits are able to produce 150 hp at the rear wheels with stock engine components.  This performance is achieved with pump gas and only 4 psi boost, and is well documented on their chassis dynos. The same kit is capable of producing 250 hp at the rear wheels with engine modifications. This is a complete kit that comes with new exhaust, turbo, aluminum intake tubes, intercooler, intake manifold, intake plenum, steel braided oil lines, adjustable clutch weights, and all required fasteners. Packard also provides an ECU flash to load their new engine operating software.

Wolf Designs provides a wide variety of wraps for almost any UTV.  They can add that personal or custom touch to your vehicle without the cost and time required for a custom paint job.

We offer the toughest wheels and tires specifically made for UTVs used in abusive terrain such as rock crawling, rock racing or sand dunes. Tire and wheel manufacturers have been responding to the huge demand for UTVs, especially those with power adders. They have stepped up to the challenge and have made some significant improvements from the older ATV tires.  We have selected tires from high-performance brands such as Tensor, ITP and Skat-Trak.  We can help you select the best tire for your driving style, vehicle weight, and terrain type to maximize performance. 

To get the best performance out of the tire, you need a performance wheel, and there are many pretenders in the world of off-road wheels. We offer only competition-proven beadlock forged aluminum wheels from TrailReady, Raceline, and Method.

A reliable winch is one of the most important components on a hard-core, off-road vehicle.  We offer winches from Warn and Superwinch, two of the most respected brands in the world.  These winches are definitely not cheaply made imports, but their performance and reliability in the harshest conditions is legendary. Just like with other safety equipment, winches are not an area where you look to save money.



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