Turnkey RACE Buggy

The Wrath Ultimate Race Buggy is a larger version of the Wrath Trail Buggy. These buggies are specifically designed to compete in the Ultra4, SCORE, and Dirt Riot series in the 4400 and 4800 classes. These races offer some of harshest conditions in off-road racing. In order to survive these conditions, the buggy chassis must be more rigid, wider, and longer than the trail chassis for added durability, high-speed stability, and packaging constraints. These vehicles are designed to travel at 100+ mph through the desert, as well as survive the massive shock loads during the rock sections of each event. All chassis are are designed in CAD and the tubing is produced with CNC laser cutting and bending machines for the ultimate in precision assembly and quality control.  

Race vehicles have many more components installed than trail buggies in order to meet the sanctioning body technical and safety requirements.  In addition, a race vehicle must be designed to allow you or your crew to easily assemble or disassemble all of the critical components during a pit stop or in the field.

Wrath Race Buggy Features Include:

  • Two-seat chassis with tubing with thicker walls in high-stress areas
  • Double-triangulated four-link front suspension with four-link trailing arm rear suspension for maximum vertical wheel travel
  • Single coilover shock per corner for 4800 class with option for bypass shocks for 4400 class
  • Axle packages from Spidertrax, Dynatrac, or Currie with ARB Air Lockers, electric lockers, Detroit Lockers, or spools. Axles include trusses for axle durability and mounts for suspension links and shocks.
  • Integrated winch mount with suck-down capability and Gigglepin winch option
  • High-speed double-acting full hydraulic steering system
  • Front engine configuration options for LS, Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy and Coyote power plants. Available as naturally aspirated or supercharged.
  • Automatic transmissions built specifically for racing with matched stall speed and full manual valve body. Includes transmission cooler.
  • TrailReady Beadlock wheels
  • Choice of tires, including Interco, Pit Bull, BFG, Maxxis, Nitto, and Toyo
  • Two transfer case options - Atlas or SCS Gearbox
  • Rear-mounted radiator
  • Fire suppression system
  • Fuel cells that meet race safety requirements
  • Air filtration systems
  • Anti-sway bars in front and rear
  • Redundancy in all critical systems such as fuel pump, batteries, fans, relays, switches, etc.
  • Integrated front and rear bumpers to meet safety requirements
  • Electronic options:
  • Racepak gauges
  • GPS
  • Race radio
  • OEM-style wiring harness for chassis and drivetrain
  • Watertight power distribution center with relays and fuses mounted in an easily accessible area
  • Main power disconnect switch
  • Winch controls integrated into the dash
  • Lighting from Rigid Industries
  • Interior options:
  • Aluminum or carbon fiber dash and center console. The aluminum dash and center console can be powder coated, upholstered, or bare.
  • Aluminum floors and firewall
  • PRP suspension seats with five-point harnesses and optional heating
  • Steering brake levers for digs
  • A wide selection of gauges, switches, shifter levers, interior lighting, and storage bags



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