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We can get all kinds of parts to help you outfit your Jeep or buggy. Got a question or don’t see what you need? Contact us and we’ll help you out.

We offer axle packages from Spidertrax, Dynatrac or Currie with ARB Air Lockers,  electric lockersDetroit Lockers,  or spools.  We can fit axles with a truss for axle durability and mounts for suspension links, as well as shock mounts.

We provide axle shafts from the top manufacturers including RCV Performance, Spidertrax, Currie, Yukon Gear, and Axle, and CTM.  These axle shafts provide unparalleled durability backed, in many cases, by a lifetime warranty. RCV Performance provides a unique front axle shaft assembly that includes a constant velocity joint between the inner and outer shafts that eliminates the weakness of stock U-joints at extreme steering angles.

Communications and GPS are highly useful tools in the off-road world. Getting lost or separated from your group can be a scary situation that you can easily avoid with modern communication technology. 

For the past 50 years, off-road communications were handled by CB radios. These radios were great in their day, but like many other industries, the communications industry has greatly evolved.  Now available on the market are commercial band VHF/UHF radios that offer major improvements over the old CB radio.

Commercial Band vs. CB

Just as a quick comparison here are some benefits of commercial band radios over CB radios:

  1. Much more power for a larger range – CBs are limited by the FCC to 4 W of power. Commercial band radios are offered from 5 W up to 50 W, which translates to huge increases in effective range of the radio over CBs.  A CB radio can transmit about 3 miles and a commercial band radio can transmit up to 35 miles. 
  2. Privacy – CBs are an open communications technology so anyone can dial into your channel and listen to your conversation. Commercial band radios are private, which means that you can avoid interruptions from the trucker driving down the highway.
  3. East of Use – For optimal performance, a CB radio needs to be tuned with the antenna. “Tweaking” of the radio may also be required with the squelch function to improve the performance. A commercial band radio is simple to use. Just turn it on and talk. 

We offer commercial band radios from Rugged Radios. They offer a wide range of two-way communication solutions. From standard 4-watt CBs to far more powerful 25-watt and 50-watt VHF radios, Rugged Radios can cover a lot of ground.

The heart of any build is the motor. While great success can be achieved with an engine from a junkyard given the right tools and knowledge, it is difficult to beat the simplicity, reliability, and power from a modern crate engine. We offer options from Ford, GM Performance, and Mopar, as well as aftermarket builders such as Mast Motorsports and Turnkey Engine Supply. Any of these options are available in big horsepower numbers all the way up to 700 for the mighty Hellcat.

Jeeps are very common candidates for an engine swap, as they came from the factory with engines that are not up to the task of spinning large tires, even with the deepest gearing. Driving a Jeep on the highway with 37″ tires and the original engine is not ideal, especially in the mountains. Jeep JKs are also very popular for engine swaps as they start as very heavy vehicles. The problem gets worse when you add armor, winches, roll cages, and large axles/tires to the mix. We have the solutions to add V8 power to JKs without generating the dreaded check engine lights.

Builder parts are essentially all of the components in a buggy that are required for a successful project. Since we build buggies, we can also offer all of the parts necessary for you to make it happen in your own shop. Here is a sample list of items we can provide:
  • Heim joints
  • Axle trusses
  • Suspension links
  • Shock mounts
  • Limit straps
  • Sway bars
  • Link mounts
  • Trailing arms
  • Shifters
  • Fuel cells, senders, pumps, baffles
  • Marine grade switches, relays, fuse panels
  • Engine/transmission/transfer case mounts
  • Axle housings
  • Disc brake conversions
  • Differential covers and protection
  • Spindles, knuckles, kingpins
  • Steering arms
  • Hydraulic steering systems
  • Battery boxes
  • Tabs/gussets
  • Drive shafts
And many more!

We source the highest quality ring and pinion gear sets from Yukon Gear and Axle.  Their product line is unmatched in application range and backed by a one-year warranty. The ring and pinion set is the heart of the vehicle’s differential and is what transfers power from the drive shaft to the axles. It also provides a gear reduction to allow the motor to have a mechanical advantage over the rotating resistance of the axles and tires, as well as the weight of the vehicle.

Selecting the optimum differential gear ratio in an off-road vehicle is important to get right. It can depend on a number of factors including tire size, transfer case ratio, transmission ratio, and terrain/driving style. One of the most common cases where a new ring and pinion set is needed is when larger-than-stock tires are installed. Installing larger tires in your vehicle essentially reduces the overall gear ratio, which reduces the engine’s mechanical advantage. The common symptom of this is that the vehicle feels “gutless” or down on power. Re-gearing the differentials can return the vehicle to stock performance. Consult with us to find the best gear set for your application.

A well-designed interior with high-quality components can provide a comfortable experience for all and add personalization to your rig. We offer a huge variety of parts including suspension seats, steering wheels, gauges, switches, shifter knobs, safety harnesses, and audio components.

One of the most fun aspects of off-roading is off-roading at night. However, without proper lighting systems, a night run can turn into camping in your rig. We offer LED light bars and auxiliary lights, rear light bars for brakes/racing requirements, as well as rock lights for tire positioning.

Lockers are arguably the most effective performance-enhancing devices for an off-road vehicle.  Essentially, a locker is what the name implies: a mechanism that locks the axle shafts together.  With an open or “unlocked” differential, as soon as traction is lost from a tire, most of the power of the engine is routed to the tire without traction, as it is the path of least resistance.  This is a very common situation in rock crawling as the vehicle articulates over obstacles and reaches the limit of the suspension, lifting a tire off the ground. In this situation, with an open differential, you are stuck spinning a tire that’s hanging in the air. In comparison, a locked differential will continue to route power to the tire with traction and progress will continue. 

Types of Lockers

There are many types of lockers available such as air lockers, electric lockers, auto-lockers, and spools.  Air and electric lockers are considered selectable lockers and allow the driver to engage and disengage the locker from the driver’s seat based on the demands of the road. They are an excellent choice for a vehicle that will see some street time in addition to off-road use, as the locker can be easily disengaged when on the street to allow the tires to rotate at different speeds going around corners. 

Auto-lockers operate as the name implies. They mechanically “sense” a low traction situation and automatically lock the axle shafts together for ultimate traction.  The main advantage of these lockers over selectable lockers is simplicity, as they require no power either from compressed air or electricity.  In addition, they are a lower-cost alternative to selectable lockers.  Their disadvantage is that they don’t offer precise control over when the axle is locked or not. They operate autonomously without driver input. 

Our Recommendations

The most bullet proof and reliable means of locking the differential is a spool. A spool is a carrier that locks the axles continuously. Spools are very effective; however they should not be used in a vehicle that will be street driven, as they will create wear and tear on the drivetrain and tires. 

For hardcore off-road use, we suggest using a locker that includes a new carrier for the ultimate in strength. We avoid applying “lunch box” style lockers that use the existing stock carrier and simply replace the spider gears, as these lockers are only as strong as the stock carrier. A stock carrier is a grenade waiting to explode on any tire larger than 35″ especially if you have a healthy power plant. Yukon, Detroit, and ARB are excellent brands of high-performance lockers that we carry.

To add a little flair to your rig, we offer some parts with the Sessions Motorsports logo. 

  • Shifter knobs
  • Cutting brake knobs
  • Drive flanges
  • Seats and Floormats

We offer a wide variety of suspension parts including shocks, bump stops, coil springs, rod ends, aluminum links, limit straps, and sway bars: everything you need to build a high-performance suspension system. All you need is the expertise, and if you need help, we are here to support your build. In addition, we offer complete bolt-on suspension kits from high-performance brands such as EVO, TeraFlex, Currie and Rock Krawler. 

We offer coilover and bypass shocks from King, Fox, and Sway Away (AEV) and source our rod ends from reputable manufacturers such as QA1, Aurora, and FK. We make our own designs for aluminum suspension links to ensure the highest performance and quality.

The transfer case is what makes a vehicle four-wheel drive. It takes the power from the engine/transmission and routes it to the front and rear drive shafts. As with everything else, all transfer cases are not created equal. We offer three premium brands for transfer cases – Advance Adapters, Trail Worthy Fab and SCS Gearbox.

  • Advance Adapters makes the Atlas Transfer Case, arguably the most popular transfer case for hard-core off-road applications. It is a gear-driven case with almost indestructible internal components that provide a rating of up to 1,000 ft-lb of torque.
  • Trail Worthy Fab is a relative newcomer to the game but with a very impressive offering as well. Their hero product line is available in two or three-speed configurations and has had great success in Ultra4 Racing and SRRA Rock Bouncing events. 
  • SCS Gearbox started by making indestructible quick gear change transfer cases for competitive tractor pulling and has since developed products for different extreme applications such as Monster Trucks, Circle Track racing, Marine Racing, and off road racing.  These high performance transfer cases are intended for race applications and offer the user the ability to quickly change gear ratios for changing race conditions.

One of the weakest links in a stock drivetrain is the U-joint, especially axle shaft U-joints.   The easiest way to find the limit of a stock U-joint is to turn the wheel to the steering lock and apply power. This typically results in a popping sound from the front end and a long repair project on the trail. To avoid this problem, this we recommend U-joint upgrades from CTM, Yukon, or Spicer. All of these options provide significant durability over stock components.

We offer the toughest wheels and tires on the planet specifically made for rock crawling and rock racing.  We have selected tires from high-performance brands such as BF Goodrich, Nitto, Super Swamper, Maxxis, Pit Bull, Mickey Thompson, General Tire, and ProComp.  We can help you select the best tire for your driving style, vehicle weight, and terrain type to maximize performance. 

To get the best performance out of the tire, you need a performance wheel, and there are many pretenders in the world of off-road wheels. We offer only competition-proven beadlock, forged aluminum wheels from TrailReady, Raceline, and Method.

We offer the most durable, waterproof, high-speed winches on the market from Warn, Superwinch and Gigglepin. Let us help you select the correct make and model for your specific needs.

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