Jeep Build Packages

Custom Jeep builders, Sessions Motorsports has developed four different jeep build configurations from mild to extreme to enable you to select your perfect combination of price and performance. All of the build packages have been engineered as a system to ensure component compatibility and a long, trouble-free life.

Stage 1 Jeep Build Package

The Stage 1 Jeep Build Package is for the off-road enthusiast looking for a little more ground clearance and larger tires. The package includes a suspension lift, 33″ tires and wheels, and body armor in vulnerable areas such as the rocker and rear quarter panels.

Stage 2 Jeep Build Package

The Stage 2 Jeep Package builds off of the Stage 1 foundation. It includes all of the components from the Stage 1 system, as well as new gears and lockers in the stock differentials, skid plates, and a winch. This package will allow you to traverse very difficult terrain without fear of breakage or damage to the body. The new differential gears will offset the performance loss of the larger tires and the heavier armor.  The winch is a must-have for any serious off-roader.

Stage 3 Jeep Build Package

The Stage 3 build starts with a front and rear Double ThrowDown suspension system from EVO Manufacturing and a 40″ tire/wheel package. 

  • Coilover/bypass shocks (comes complete with EVO Spec King Shocks) 
  • All bracketry made from laser-cut 3/16″ steel and CNC bent for optimum precision 
  • Adjustable ride height without the need to change parts 
  • 0″ diameter EVO Spec Remote Reservoir Coilover by King Shocks
  • 5″ diameter EVO Spec Remote Reservoir by King Shocks 3-Tube Bypass 
  • EVO Spec proprietary spring rates and valving 
  • Front driver and passenger-side shock towers
  • 14″ of wheel travel
  • Rear EVO lever system allows 14″ travel coilover shocks and bypass without any body modifications
  • High-clearance fenders

To improve the performance of the heavy vehicle, Stage 3 includes an engine swap to a GM LS series or HEMI crate motor. New axles are required to manage the additional power and torque, as well as larger tires. The build includes either Currie RockJock 60s or Dynatrac ProRock 60s. To turn the big tires, a hydraulic-assist steering system is included. TrailReady Beadlock wheels are provided to allow low tire pressure for better traction and a smoother ride.

Stage 4 Jeep Build Package

The Stage 4 Jeep build package is intended for the customer who wants to have it all from a single off-road vehicle. It is essentially a street-legal Jeep with buggy-style performance.

The system starts with the Sessions Motorsports double triangulated four-link suspension in front and rear. The suspension system includes coilover and bypass shocks with air bumps. This suspension package will greatly increase wheel travel, especially uptravel, over any bolt-on suspension system. It is designed to provide the same suspension performance as our buggy build packages.

  • Sessions Motorsports subframe for drivetrain and suspension link mounts that includes a flat-belly skid plate with an outer covering of UHMW.
  • High-speed hydraulic assist steering system that was designed for trophy truck applications. This steering system will give the driver unequaled steering responsiveness and feel even while turning 42″ tires.
  • An American-made 550 HP V8 that is HEMI or LS based with internal components built to withstand 550 HP. The engine swap includes an automatic transmission built to withstand the torque and power of the new mill. For the extreme enthusiast, the Hellcat 707 HP motor option is available.
  • Atlas Transfer Case
  • Currie RockJock 70 or Dynatrac ProRock 80 Axles with Sessions Motorsports trusses for durability and shock/suspension link mounts
  • Complete roll cage for peace of mind
  • A complete armor set including front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, corner guards, and fender flares
  • Custom interior package including a new dash, center console, shifters, gauges, suspension seats, navigation, radio, communication systems, and premium sound system.
  • OEM-style wiring harness for chassis and drivetrain.
  • Watertight power distribution center with relays and fuses mounted in an easily accessible area.
  • Main power disconnect switch.
  • Winch controls integrated into the dash.
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