Sessions Motorsports offers Wrath Buggy build packages from a bare chassis to a full turnkey build in either trail or race configuration. The Wrath design was conceived from years of competitive rock crawling and rock racing and is focused around five main objectives:

  1. Maintain a low center of gravity with maximum ground clearance.
  2. Ensure optimal weight balance front to rear by proper positioning of the drivetrain.
  3. Durability, because you can’t win a race you don’t finish.
  4. Suspension geometry that enables both up and down travel, as well as massive articulation and overall stability. The vehicle needs to be planted on off-camber steep lines and stable during high-speed runs through bumps, all without binding the drivetrain system or creating interference with tires and other components.
  5. Visibility – precision tire placement is crucial for successfully and safely navigating extreme obstacles.  Knowing where the tires are placed is a much preferred driving technique than guessing where the tires are placed.  Spotters are definitely helpful but our approach is to design the chassis with driver placement and visibility in mind.

The result of this design philosophy is a very capable dual-purpose vehicle that excels at both hard-core rock crawling and high-speed runs. Whether your goals are to race or conquer the most challenging trails, we have the competition proven designs you need.

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