We offer a number of different options for service for off-road vehicles to help you get your rig set up and keep it running.


We offer installation services for off-road parts such as gears, lockers,  engine/transmission swaps, off-the-shelf lift kits, shocks, and many more parts.


We can provide compete vehicle wiring services including turnkey wiring projects, modifying existing engine harnesses, engine computer reflash, and installing add-on electronic systems such as communications, winches, gauges, GPS, etc.


Plumbing is critically important to get right and where many projects fail. We offer plumbing services for hydraulic steering lines, cooling systems, brakes, and fuel systems.  Improper plumbing and wiring can have catastrophic results, so let us apply our race-proven know-how to your plumbing project and put your mind at ease. 

Race Prep

Sessions Motorsports has many years of experience in racing and maintaining race cars in Ultra4, Dirt Riot, UROC, and WEROCK. Let us apply our experience to your race program to ensure that your vehicle is race ready. We work with each of our racing customers to develop a specific race prep program for their needs. Typical prep tasks include:
  • Inspect and repair chassis, fasteners, shocks, heim joints, brake systems and drivetrain.
  • Replace all vehicle lubricants including shock oil, motor oil, t-case fluid, transmission fluid, and differential oil.
  • Clean and lubricate drive shaft slip splines, u-joints, wheel bearings, ball joints/kingpins/knuckle assemblies.
  • Inspect engine and chassis electric systems, lighting, gauges and charging system.

Shock Tuning

We offer tuning and rebuilding services for all off road coilover and bypass shock manufacturers.  Modern shocks can provide incredible high speed and low speed performance if they are properly tuned. Let us help you get the most out of your shocks through our tuning service.  We apply the know-how gained from years of rock racing to optimize your shock performance.  Our shock tuning program includes meeting with the customer to determine their specific goals for the vehicle, then selecting the appropriate spring rate and initial shock valving.  We then drive the vehicle over a variety of terrain and modify the valving and spring rates as required to deliver the best performance.

DIY Tech Support

Do you want to build or modify your own rig but need help?  No problem! We are here to assist you with our know-how.  We can provide you with a tech support agreement that covers a certain number of hours, or you can pay as you go – whichever is more convenient. Don’t let your project die in your garage. Give us a call and we’ll get you moving down the right path.

Total Care Vehicle Maintenance Programs

Do you love to go off-roading but hate to work on your vehicle or you don’t have the time?  We have the solution.  Let us maintain your vehicle and make sure it is ready to go when you want to hit the trail.  

We will inspect your rig and fix any maintenance items/make small repairs to make sure it is safe for you and your family. That way, you can concentrate on having fun and not have to worry about breaking down. 

We offer programs where you pay a flat monthly fee and we will ensure your rig is safe and in top condition. Our pricing for monthly service programs is much less than the traditional pay-as-you-go approach. This approach to maintenance give you peace of mind, avoids big repair bills stemming from lack of maintenance, and gives you a predictable cost. 

If you are already a customer of one of our maintenance programs and we come across a problem beyond the scope of the program, we will make replacements or repairs at our discounted service rates.

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